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Maxxi Floor Drain V60

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Outlet dimension: Ø60 mm. (Normally size used in Thailand)

For wooden and concrete.
Include water trap.
Material: PP
Capacity: 1.0 lit/sec,

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Maxxi Floor Drain V60 is unique in many ways, the drain is designed to work at slab level rather than tile level it negates the need for P-tap and service ports in the ceiling below access to all serviceable parts is done from above and not below as standard drains.

The Drain consists of several parts listed below.-

1.Main body, constructed of a flexible plastic that allows for impacts during fitting, expansion and contraction in concrete slabs (generally in Thailand now these are made of PVC , this is a much less flexible product that easily cracks and breaks)

2.Removable water trap, this can be removed from above for easy maintenance and service, it has a stainless  steel-handle, multilayer silicone seal (very long life) and can be easily cleaned out to remove debris that would normally collect down the drain in the P-trap. The unit carries a fairly substantial volume of water for the water lock.

3.Reverse flow Valve, this valve has two main purposes, firstly to stop reverse water flow which often happens in homes with blocked up pipes or tanks, secondly this is to stop reverse air flow, reverse air flow dry´s out the water trap and makes it useless after a short period of times, this valve stops the flow of air through the water lock giving it a much longer lifetime before drying up. The Reverse flow valve is also user serviceable from above, and can be easily removed and changed, the metal counter weight is magnetic so in the event the unit is damaged it can be more easily retrieved from bellow.




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