When building a wet area, one of the most crucial parts of the building process is to ensure that proper drainage can occur. A proper moister barrier is crucial to preventing odors or even uninvited guests such as snakes, rodents or bugs from invading your space. You also want to prevent any mold and ensuing damage from occuring. To do this, deciding what type of drainage is the most suitable and effective at removing standing water in the given environment is one of the first things that should be considered. Here are some points when choosing the right floor drain.


A drain is installed in the floor plan of a building and can vary in size and shape. The normal size range for drains is from 2 inches to 12 inches, with most having a diameter of 4 inches. Similarly, drains can vary in shape, they are normally round, but can also come in squares and rectangles.


When selecting floor drains it is important to remember the drainage requirements and regulations for the area and whether it is interior or exterior area that you are considering.


The size of the floor and the drain are both key factors when selecting drainage for a wet area. The size of the floor is crucial as if the area is large a number of drains may be required to effectively drain the amount of water that will be filling into the area. It is essential that a Maxxi floor drain can properly drain all the water that fills up the floor space.

A good way to determine the size of the floor drain necessary in an interior is to calculate the total volume of water that would fill the area. The areas use, the way water will be used and the other equipment in the area are also important to consider. Will there be minor amounts of water on the floor? Does the area have the capacity to flood? Sizing of the external floor drain should be based on rainfall in the area and the dimensions of the building to be drained.

The positioning of the drain is also critical, and should be placed where there is a natural tendency for water to pool. The aim of this is to prevent water combining in the area, which is a safety hazard.


A drain should be located on the interior of a building where any water source is found; this could be a basement, laundry, kitchen or bathroom.


When purchasing a drain from Maxxi.co.th it is vital to already have a clear idea of the construction of the floor that the drain will be placed into. Such elements as depth of fill, slab type, surface finish and the waterproofing membrane need to be identified, as these components play an important role in the selection of your drain.


The top of the drain is also important, there must be a grill placed over it that can carry the weight of the objects, or people that will be using it to stand on. This grate must be able to strain elements that might fall down the drain such as jewellery and other small things that have the potential to get stuck.


Maxxi.com.th drains are made out of a durable plastic that have been designed by industry associations and we also sell drain accessories that can be found under water proofing/wetrooms.


All these points are crucial when selecting the correct drainage for your wetarea. For further inquires call  +66(032)-827150 to speak to one of our experts.