Fujika Water Pumps

Fujika Electronics supplies top of the range water pumps for all your commercial and industrial construction needs. Other non-construction uses include distribution of fertilizers/pesticides, agricultural or residential irrigation, minor flood drainage such as removing water from a basement, and draining/filling water from ponds, spas & swimming pools.


Fujika water pumps flow at a stable pressure rate ranging from 19L p/min up to 42L p/min. The high-powered water pumps are easy to use and ideal for cleaning construction sites, with transmission distance ranging from 12m to 20m. The compact pumps range in weight from 13kg to 40kgs and have an automatic control pressure switch for water pressure consistency. Some models are also fitted with an air filler feature for balancing water pressure.

Water Pump Materials

Brightly colored, durable plastic covers made from lightweight material make some models easily visible on work sites and further extend the life of these heavy-duty irrigation pumps. Long-life pump seals also prolong replacement times and ensure machine longevity.

The GF-455 pump is fitted with a stainless steel body to avoid rust build up, the GFS-205 comes equip with a copper pump set for leakage protection, and the GF-305 boasts a rust-free iron body. The GFS-305 water pump has also been designed to prevent reflow when idle, and turbo features are available in the Fujika GFS-205 water pump to limit the severity of clogging. If noise is a consideration, the GF-455 operates silently (ideal for domestic and residential irrigation purposes).

With a 5-year warranty and motor burn prevention features, these powerful water pumps are guaranteed to provide stable water pressure delivery when you need it most. Fujika water pump prices start from $119 for a lightweight, compact pump ideal for projects with limited space, right through to more industrial-grade water pumps for larger scale building developments.   

*HINT: altitude will affect the operating efficiency of water pumps, either improving or restricting performance. At increased elevations, atmospheric pressure is decreased, which in turn decreases suction life. Pumps should therefore be positioned as close to the water source as possible.