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Lindab Rain Gutter

Maxxi Lindab Rain Gutter

Lindab Rain Gutter Maxxi BP

Rain Gutter Lindab Maxxi BP

Maxxi Lindab Rain Gutter

Lindab Rain Gutter Maxxi BP

Lindab Rain Gutter Maxxi BP

Lindab Rain Gutter Maxxi BP

Lindab Rain Gutter Maxxi BP

Why Lindab Rain Gutter?

Lindab Profil has been the market leader for many years and is Scandinavia’s largest manufacturer of roof drainage System.
The production of pipes, gutters and accessories are done with modern machines and robots to be ensure the highest quality possible and consistent production. The products are produced from steel sheet metal from certified high quality steel works to be able to fulfill the high demands of our environment and quality requirements.

Lindab Rainline is the rain-drainage system that offers the highest quality when it comes to combining durability, flexibility and ease of installation.

Made to last
Steel is the ultimate material for roof-drainage systems. It is much lighter than cast iron, is easier to handle than aluminum and offers minimal thermal movement compared to plastic (which can move and crack causing leaks).  Lindab’s steel also has the lowest CO2 impact of any competitor.

Send us your roof drawings and our engineers will calculate what parts you need and we will send you a quotation. We can send you prices with our without installation.  
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If you dont have a roof drawing do a sketch of your roof with messurment and send us some photo of your house.  

Please select from one of the categories below:

Simplified construction
No specialist tools or skills are required; gutters and downpipes simply push together without the need for any sealants.

Low maintenance
The only maintenance required is an occasional wipe or wash down. Easy assembly and installation guarantee a long service life.

Colour choice
Available in a choice of 10 standard colours (high-build polyester paint finishes) as well as plain galvanized and Aluzinc-coated finishes. Coated finishes are UV stable -will not fade or crack.

20 year guarantee
Lindab Rainline coated products all come with a standard 20 year guarantee. The guarantee covers the whole system including the integrity of the steel itself.

Cost effective solution
Competively priced to that of leading plastic systems and inexpensive compared with aluminum and cast iron systems.

The steel rainwater system with the lowest CO2 footprint

Lindab Rainline is the rain drainage system that offers the highest quality, with the lowest CO2 footprint of any other system.

Life expectancy of various guttering materials

Lindab Maxxi Rain Gutter

A more environmental focus

To accurately establish the environmental impact of Lindab’s steel in comparison with other rainwater materials, a functional unit of one metre of downpipe, in seven different materials, was assessed and compared. The comparison considered the cradle-to-grave carbon impact, making allowance for the different lifespan of each material. The chart on the left lists the data and expectations used as input in the comparison.

Lindab Profil Plc. in Sweden, a modern environmentally friendly manufacturing complex with ISO9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certification.

Rain Gutter Lindab Maxxi BP