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Best Price Gurantee

Shop with Confidence with our Best Price Guarantee

We want to offer our customers the ability to quickly and comfortably be able to buy everything in one place without having to go here and there to get hold of any product or compare prices.

This includes that we always offer fair prices located on the lower level in the industry. This applies to:

  • all articles and not just a few specials.
  • always and not only when campaigns.
  • for all customers, not just those with a discount card.

It is only then that we will save our customer’s unnecessary time on comprehensive price comparison and unnecessary time on the roads to various outlets!

Our price controllers are checking prices at all relevant competitors. When we find a regular price lower anywhere else we adjust our prices to be lower.

IF you should find a lower price at our competitors then for these cases Maxxi Building Product have low price guarantee.

It works as follows: If you find an identical article cheaper at a competitor, we give you this price - and for your information, you get an additional deduction of 10% as a small thank you! It is actually our job to always keep an eye on all prices.

We need clear benchmarks for our rates and thus for this guarantee because we want to offer you the best price in fair competition.

Therefore, based on this guarantee we have clear principles:

  1. Best Price Guarantee applies to competitors advertising and discounts campaigns.

Our competitors are advertising constantly with promotional prices, discount promotions offers. If our Best Price Guarantee undershot under such a campaign, of course our Best Price Guarantee is valid.

  1. Best Price Guarantee applies for the prices of regular competitors

Best Price Guarantee applies to prices of competitors who regularly operate their business in our country, based on the laws and taxes that apply here and also are available when it comes to warranties and service. Therefore, it does not apply to prices from traveling salesman, foreign outlets or individuals who at any time sell an article.

  1. Best Price Guarantee also applies for Internet shop

It is obvious to us but also on the Internet our Best Price Guarantee is valid under these rules.

  1. Discount warranty is valid for identical items.

By identical, we mean that manufacturers, types etc are identical or that article all specified properties are the same. One condition is that these are comparable package units or volumes.

  1. Discount warranty applies to prices that are, or were effective on the same date.

When a Maxxi Building Product-price compared to a competitor's price must both be / have been valid at the same time. The competitor's price must also be / have been valid for at least one day.

  1. Best Price Guarantee can be claimed up to 30 days after purchase.
  2. Best Price Guarantee is not valid for special, custom or tailor made related products.

As a projects department store with many items held in stock or ordering goods, it's our regular articles and the Best Price Guarantee applies to each of them. However, it applies not the price guarantee for custom or custom made articles produced separately to the customer. For the items we order at your request and we calculate the price of individually we also set the lowest possible price. If there would be a price guarantee claims regarding this, we reserve the right to examine the case.

  1. Best Price Guarantee is not valid for services

Maxxi Building Product also offers the services needed for the project: from a qualified expert advice fully reliable and of good quality. This quality is not comparable. Therefore, this guarantee only for the articles, not for services, to the extent these have been priced.

  1. Best Price Guarantee does not apply to competitors and resellers.

It does not apply to competitors and resellers who do not themselves sale the purchased item. Otherwise, there may be efforts to particularly advantageous purchase large volumes via this guarantee and through resale want to do profit on our customer's expense.

  1. Best Price Guarantee does not apply to clearance

Reduced prices under clearance sales, seasonal clearance sales or sale of individual items cannot be claimed for this Best Price Guarantee.

  1. Best Price Guarantee does not apply to auctions.

Prices that take place on Internet auctions cannot be compared with the Maxxi Building Product prices that apply to all customers.

  1. Best Price Guarantee does not apply to prices witch only concerns a limited clientele.

Best Price Guarantee applies our competitor’s prices as an article marked with and offered to all customers. It refers to the clear price marks on the item or the shelf. Best Price Guarantee is for the price that a competitor offering all customers. Prices must also be valid for at least one day. Maxxi Building Products prices are for everyone. Always. If a competitor's price is only valid for selected customers, we do not want us to compare ourselves with them. Individual deals are therefore no basis for any guarantee.

  1. Best Price Guarantee is not valid for other price guarantees.

The basis of this guarantee are always consists of an article price. A price incurred by a competitor used a price guarantee cannot be used against Maxxi Building Prices Best Price Guarantee at the reduced price.

  1. Best Price Guarantee does not apply for unspecified benefits or bonuses.

Maxxi Building Product applies the principle of "Cheap direct". Competitors offer sometimes its customers a "bonus" or similar benefits for instance based on the total annual turnover. These advantages cannot be assigned to any particular item and therefore cannot be relied upon for this guarantee.

  1. Best Price Guarantee does not apply if the purchase price over exceeded systematic and comprehensive.

We must reserve the right in specific cases reject a price guarantee if it would entail systematic, comprehensive sales below cost price.

Basically, we reserve the right to limit sales to the normal volumes for our typical customers.

Submitting a Claim

Please collect the following information

Our "Best Price Guarantee" applies to confirmed orders only. You must provide us with your order in order to make a claim.

Customers must provide verifiable proof of the lower price to Maxxi Building Product prior to purchasing. Proof includes URLs from authorized dealers or official quotes on authorized dealer letterhead. Send it to with the subject Product Claim.